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Dongguan South Nekon Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 2006, located in the city of China's industrial economy - Dongguan. The South force is a manufacturing enterprise engaged in R & D, manufacturing industry ultrasonic automation equipment. The company is working with a number of scientific research institutions, such as Chongqing University, South China University of Technology and so on. The machinery industry provides automatic machinery and equipment; the company has registered the "Southern strength" and "LEKEN" brand to provide customers with a variety of design options, tailored automated machinery.
The company produces and manufactures ultrasonic cleaning machines, 3D glasses cleaning machine, turnover box cleaning machine, plastic box cleaning machine, carrier cleaning machine, automatic cleaning machine, cleaning machine manufacturer and other more than 10 series of 100 models. Service areas include automotive, electronics, health, toys, clothing, household appliances, Hotel supplies, office supplies, packaging and other industries. At the same time, it can also customize a variety of non - standard equipment for users, and has a high reputation in the market. The products are sold to Southeast Asia and many countries and regions in Europe and America.
The future has come, the wisdom is accompanied. Thank you for your support. We will continue to work hard to build the southern force as your intimate partner.
Sales phone: 400-600-8299

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  • Dongguan South Nekon Machinery Co., Ltd. is a large-scale ultrasonic equipment manufacturer, mainly engaged in ultrasonic cleaning machine, 3D glasses cleaning machine, turnover box cleaning machine, plastic box cleaning machine

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